• Release date: 15 Feb 19
  • Format: Digital

RIOPY was recently commissioned by Peugeot to compose a song that could be interpreted by a car. He also features in the ad itself by getting in the driving seat to play the longest musical score in the world, with his ‘precision instrument’ – the new Peugeot 508. This new score which covers 1,890m of racetrack and contains 190 musical notes, is a unique ephemeral piece, enhanced by a live orchestra who are sat at the side of the race track.

Le Rêve D’une Note includes both a full length and piano version of the song from the ad as well as a special new composition Meditation 22, a 22-minute track that can be used alongside a session of meditation.


  1. Le Rêve d'une note
  2. Meditation 22
  3. Le Rêve